Friday, October 29, 2010

Surviving Candy Land! Halloween Strategy....

Yikes it has been a month since my last blog! It truly has been a crazy busy month of work, fun, healthy eating, non healthy eating, and just general life getting in the way!
But Halloween is practically here- and I wanted to pass on a few quick tips to help get you through the holiday!
Tip #1 Don't Buy Candy.  UNLESS you get a lot of tricker treaters in which case- buy a candy you DONT LIKE, and buy it THE DAY OF Halloween. Make sense? If it's not there- you can't eat it.  I once had a Halloween where I ate an entire bag of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups in the week prior to the actual holiday.  I had to buy more candy.  Embarrassing to admit- but true story.
Tip #2 Let Your Costume Motivate You.  If you fall in my age range- 20 to early 30 somethings- and you don't have children, chances are you are dressing up as "sexy" something.  "Sexy" nurse, bunny, Chilean Miner- you get the gist.  A cute outfit, minus coverage.  So- buy your outfit in advance and hang it in the front of your closet where every morning you are reminded that you want to make it look good!
Tip #3 Treat Yourself- In Moderation.  Easier said then done, but chances are you aren't going to be eating carrots on Halloween night.  Choose a number of pieces to eat and stick with it.  Enjoy them- don't gulp them down.
Tip #4 Read the Label. There is such a thing as "better for you" candy.  It's not stuff to eat 24/7 but check the nutrition labels of candy before making your pics.  Tootsie Rolls, candy corn, 3 Musketeers Bars, Now N Laters, Gummy Candy are all COMPARATIVELY lower fat and calories than their popular candy counterparts. 
Ok- that's all I've got!  Good luck this weekend and remember- even if for some incomprehensible reason you ignore my tips and give in to a candy binge this weekend- wars were not won or lost in a day.  That goes for healthy eating too. Forget the guilt and start fresh and healthy the next day!
PS. Happy Bday Natty! Love you!