Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Workout Plan

Good news and bad news.  Bad news was- the BluePrint cleanse sale on Gilt was kind of a bust, you had to buy a pack of 3 cleanses to get the deal and at $600+ it wasn't really in my price range! I'm considering just buying one directly off their website (hate not getting deals though!) I'll keep you posted...
Good news is- I ran my first 10k on Saturday! It was amazing! My only goal for myself was to run the entire time, and I did. I completed the race in 1:06:41 (yes that's OVER an hour of running) my pace was 10:49 per mile, which obviously isn't record setting, but I felt VERY accomplished when I crossed the finish line.  Did I mention completing a 10k was one of my New Years resolutions?? Check! Next up is a 5k trail run in Temecula in May.  Chris and I did this one last year and decided it's quite possibly the most challenging 5k in the world.  The race is in a vineyard up and down through the grapes, literally UP and DOWN hills in dirt and sand. The best part of that race is a day of wine tasting after- so I'm looking forward to that!
Since I'm on the topic of running today- I thought I'd share my upcoming workout schedule which I just figured out last night.  My 45 day trial of Bar Method ended yesterday and I've decided to renew it. (I went 20 times in 45 days- obviously I like it!)  I feel STRONG, but I think I need to incorporate more running in to make sure I'm getting enough cardio. With daylight savings (my favorite thing EVER) I can actually come home and run after work now.  My new plan is this:
  • Monday: Bar After Work
  • Tuesday: Run After Work
  • Wednesday: Bar during Lunch
  • Thursday: Run After Work
  • Friday: Bar Optional
  • Saturday: Bar/Run Optional
  • Sunday: Bar in the morning.
That way I'm strength training 3-5 days a week and running a minimum of 2 days. The thing with Bar is, I actually enjoy going so it doesn't feel overwhelming to think about doing it 5 days a week. I come out tired from the workout, but mentally refreshed. It really helps me transition from workday stress into a relaxed evening. Thoughts? Input? Is anyone doing a workout they are really loving?
Ps- Isn't it funny how it's called Bar?  I'll text Chris, "Rough day at work, leaving now heading straight to Bar" and then laugh at myself because I totally sound like I have a drinking problem!
PPS. There's a new addition to my family!! Kurd has become a proud mother of Mochi, the cutest little Boston Terrier EVER. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

BluePrint Cleanse... On Sale Tomorrow!

So I've been talking about wanting to do a cleanse for a while- and I think I found The One. The BluePrint cleanse is a 3 day juice based cleanse that is EASY- they ship you 3 coolers of juice, one per day and each day you have 6 different juices to drink (they are labeled 1-6 to keep you on track).  With my recent lack of healthy eating motivation, I think this is just what I need to jumpstart me back on track. 
What brought this on was an email from one of my favorite shopping websites, Gilt Group, which features daily sales on designer clothing, jewlery & accessories. Today's email previewed their Wedding Weekend Sale starting tomorrow and the BluePrint Cleanse is part of it as a bridal detox.
Brooke actually emailed me a few months back about this cleanse, the company based in NYC and she met them for a business meeting and came out pretty sold on the product.  Downside is, it's not cheap.  It's usually $255 for the 3 day cleanse (although you can do 1 & 2 day versions as well). I'm not sure how much it will be when it goes on sale tomorrow, but hopefully it's a good price.
I spent time today researching and reading reviews of the cleanse (Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan) and most of the feedback was really positive. (Yelp had about 40 reviews with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars) People say it works best if you follow their directions for the days prior to the cleanse, which include things like cutting out alcohol and red meat 3 days before, limiting dairy etc.  The cleanse is described as energizing and motivating and people tend to lose between 3-5 pounds and keep it off.

To access any Gilt Group sales you have to be a member- so click here to sign up (It'll also give me a $25 credit if you buy anything! Full disclosure :):
Check out the BluePrint Website here for more info:
Sale starts at 9am Pacific Time tomorrow, and don't be late, they run out! Or you can let me be the guinea pig- obviously I'll provide a detailed review of my own experience!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner Table Magic

I just read this blog and fell in love with it.
People are often surprised to hear I like to cook and I've had friends shake their heads in disbelief that I'd actually enjoy spending hours on a recipe, but for me so much of the pleasure comes from the environment and experience that is created through cooking. Reading this author's post really struck a cord in me and I wanted to share it.

Highlights from her blog:
I cannot imagine not sharing my kitchen, my cooking, the experience of eating, the joy of a lazy evening, with the people that are dear to me. Not one single person could go missing without drastically altering the fabric of my life; especially my husband. To me, the table is such a sacramental place. How enormously blessed am I that I don’t have to sit at it alone?
One of the most memorable (albeit simple) moments of my life was a time when Jon and I had just finished a delightful, weeknight meal; our home smelled delicious, candles were lit, music drifted through the house and my belly was full. I specifically remember that my feet were stretched out and resting on the empty chair that sits across from me at our table, glass in hand, mind at rest. I was struck, at that moment, with the sheer joy of being exactly where I was. (A very rare moment for me and my chaotic mind!)

She says it all so much better than I ever could. But truly, food and cooking isn't only about what you eat. It's the environment you create and the ability to share and experience that with others. Many of the favorite memories of my own life have been strikingly similar, revolving around a dinner table filled with food, friends, conversation and laughter at the end of a day.
Thank you to all the friends, family and loved ones that I've ever been fortunate enough to share a table with.  Cheers to more dinners ahead!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stress Eating=More Stress!

My post today is inspired by a text Julia sent me this morning... "I have been reading Jessica's (our bootcamp trainer) blog and getting inspired. It is tiding me over til my favorite blog starts back up again... " and I wrote back "Well your favorite blogger is sucking at eating healthy right now!" but- I guess in the sense of this blog reflecting my reality with food, I should probably be sharing the downs as well as the ups.

So let's see... Here's my honest update: I'm really struggling lately with eating well. I haven't weighed myself in about a month because I am scared. I am going to Bar Method 4 times a week and LOVING it which I feel like is the one good thing keeping me in check. My clothes fit, but I feel like they don't look as good as they could. I have been eating frozen yogurt like a crazy person. I am running a 10k race this weekend which I'm not prepared for.

Hmmm... see- now my blog is not so inspirational!! But it is the truth. My thought is that writing it down and sharing it is going to motivate me to make some changes. Change for today is STOPPING stress eating. Lately when I've got a lot going on or am feeling overwhelmed, I find myself reaching for food. I start justifying things like since I'm having such a rough day, it's OK to have pizza (or burger, or mexican) for lunch. Like I somehow deserve it.  BUT, what I need to keep in mind is that the guilt caused by unhealthy eating also causes stress in my life. And resulting weight gain is major stress.  As if those aren't enough reasons to avoid the junk food, the sugar and carb late afternoon crashes that come with eating crap for lunch probably leave me less equipped to deal with stress than I started off.

So- how am I going to avoid this lunchtime lapse? Two things.  Try to stress less... and plan ahead.  If I am bringing my lunch to work every day, I won't have to go out and get it which will help me avoid temptation. And I'm going to take Reilly out for a walk or do some Bar Stretches (office door closed of course) if I start feeling overwhelmed. Ok that's the plan for today.  Deep breath in... and out. And wish me luck!

PS. Do you like my Zen photos? That's what I'm going for :)
PPS.A few of my favorite blogs- to keep you inspired! (Blog from my Bootcamp trainer- Jessica has AMAZING healthy eating ideas and product recommendations) (Blog from the founder of Bar Method- Burr Leonard. If you are taking the class- or want to learn more about it, this blog has great tips) (Kath Eats Real Food- for the food side of healthy eating, this site is fascinating. Kath eats only "whole foods" and documents her entire day of eating (every day!) with photos & recipes.