Friday, September 17, 2010

Seafood Frenzy

Sorry for the blogging break I was on a work trip to Maui! (I know- tough job right??) Although I did end up working most of the time- I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep, relaxation and healthy eating. I only WISH I would have brought my camera as I sampled some of the freshest fish that Maui had to offer at Mama's Fish House. Delish!
This week Chris and I had dinner at The Fish Market, and again the delights of the sea amazed me!  This time it was fresh oysters with shredded fresh horseradish and a heavenly mussel bucket with a creamy dipping sauce.
My recent seafood adventures have inspired me to try my hand tonight at a "Seafood Stew".  The recipe includes making your own fish stock which should be interesting- first I have to find a place to sell me fish bones. (not a joke). It has mussels, fish, clams, and more, all en-captured in a delicious white wine garlic broth that should be delicious to dip crusty bread in to.  Heaven.  I'll post the recipe if it's a success! Happy Weekend!

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