Monday, June 28, 2010

Make Monday a Comeback Day!

Happy Monday! I had the LEAST healthy weekend ever. Seriously.  A very fun weekend, but about ZERO healthy choices. Team USA obviously needed me to drink about a beer and indulge in all American bar food to support them (wait... they still didn't win!). I was catching on blogs last night and on A Prior Fat Girl (click here for link) Jennifer mentions an inspirational bracelet she purchased- livestrong style, that had the words on it : "One Bite, One Decision".  I love that saying and I like the idea of having a constant reminder of it on my wrist to help prevent me from bad decision making. I should probably get it tattooed on my forehead... :)
Making a comeback from a rough weekend of eating/drinking can be REALLY hard to do. I think one of the key ways to "save yourself" and not let a weekend of bad eating turn into a week long binge on junk food and 5 lb weight gain- is to always jump back on the wagon first thing Monday morning. Don't let your bad weekend carry into the week.
For me, this means two things.  One- having a plan, and Two- sticking to it.
My plan for the week is cutting out my favorite "extras".  These are foods that I should be eating as splurges,  but when I'm not paying attention I find myself eating them more and more regularly and appreciating them less.  For this week (Mon-Thur) wine & frozen yogurt are OUT.  I'm also food journaling... and trying to stay in my calorie range of >1400.
In terms of sticking to it, I honestly think Monday is the HARDEST day to get through and if you can be successful on Monday, it leads to a much better week. So far today I'm on track.  I made a 200 cal egg white McMuffin for breakfast, packed a homemade turkey sandwich for lunch and am thinking salad for dinner...  If I can go to bed a little hungry tonight, it will make healthy eating so much easier tomorrow.  And then the next day, and then next.
One bite, one decision at a time....

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