Thursday, November 10, 2011

And I'm back! And married!

So, confession- I’ve forgotten how to eat well. I was talking to Brooke on the phone the other night, and told her I had gone to the grocery store and struggled, wandering the aisles attempting to find something healthy, tasty, and easy to make for dinner.  Her response? “umm why don’t you print one of your old blog posts and read it?” So I’m coming back to the blog to try and put the pieces together again.
Brief recap of my eating over the past 10 months I’ve gone without blogging! I’m sure you were all dying of suspense over whether or not the food-stressed bride got it together and lost 20 lbs  OR if the pressure had pushed me in the opposite direction and I ended up gaining weight before the wedding?
And the final answer is…  I felt good on my wedding day.  I wasn’t the skinniest I’ve ever been, and I never lost that magical 5 lbs everyone said would drop off the week of the wedding. But I managed to take off somewhere around 10 pounds and it was enough to let me feel pretty, but still look like myself. Ok fine, if you insist… I’ll share some pics :)

So, to get back to the reason I am so food ignorant lately- since I last blogged I’ve gone on a cooking hiatus.  First I joined Jenny Craig (don’t judge, it was desperate times).  It worked, however I didn’t feel good about the food I was eating. It may have been low-cal, but I wouldn’t call it “healthy”.  Following Jenny, Chris and I both did The Fresh Diet, which delivers fresh meals to your door daily.  Now THIS is a miracle worker.  The food is great, very healthy, and when I followed it strictly, I lost weight (meaning not drinking wine with it). Chris lost over 20lbs on the diet, which is amazing!
So, all of this leads me up to the wedding, October 8th, a magical magical day, followed by an even more amazing honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands during which I ate, drank and relaxed to my hearts content.
Paradise in the BVI with my husband! :)
And now here I am, feeling like a beginner all over again, helplessly wandering the isles of grocery stores.   Now that the weddings over, it’s back to reality, time to just get back to living what I like to call “healthy” normal.  It’s enjoying life and food- but minding portions, planning ahead, and making good choices.  First step, re-reading old blogs!

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