Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming Clean (and staying that way!)

So much to catch up on! First let me start with complete honesty- which means confessing I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks. I'm too scared. I personally respond better to positive incentives than negative ones. For example, if I get on the scale and lost a pound I'm more motivated to keep going than if I gained one (which makes me feel like giving up!) So I've been avoiding the scale because I know I've been eating poorly and was trying to prevent becoming discouraged. But the day of reckoning is quickly approaching. I have the six week "check in" for my Bootcamp on Thursday morning. I will be weighed, meaured and pinched for body fat. I'm really nervous and pretty sure I won't be meeting my goals this time (was supposed to be down 5lbs- i'm just hoping to not have gained weight!) but the focus is ON for this week. I started the week well yesterday with 1,215 calories & a trip to bootcamp :)
Today began with a breakfast of cheesy eggs with bacon and toast. Does that surprise you? What if I told you I had that breakfast, in a good sized portion for only 235 calories. Would you believe me?
Let's add it up. Egg Whites 6tbs (equivalent of 2 eggs) 50 calories. BACON 2 pieces. (New product from Trader Joes- it comes pre-cooked and nitrate free) 65 calories. Cheese (1/2 of a light string cheese- I was out of normal stuff :) 40 calories. And finally a piece of Ezekial Cinnamon Rasin toast (no butter) 80 calories. Total=235 calories full of protein & GOOD taste!
Once again- I think this helps prove that it's modification, not deprivation of our favorites that helps a "diet" become a lifestyle.
Quick recap of turkey day. Everything came out amazing! Turkey was perfectly done, blue cheese potatoes were my personal favorite and I probably ate a little more than I had planned, but nothing terrible. Over the holiday weekend I'd have to say my downfall was probably desserts! I am not a huge sweets person, which means I generally don't seek them out. But maybe that's because I've forgotten how good they are?? When they are in front of me, it's a different story! So- steering clear of sugar this week.
Hang in with me! Let's all make this a week of clean eating. Pretty much this week and next are the final two before Christmas fever hits, complete with holiday parties, cookie platters at work and much more! I'm going to start searching now for the BEST low-cal/sugar holiday recipes. I'll keep you posted!
Oh and PS. Best cold winter dinner EVER last night. Chris made a spaghetti squash by steaming a squash in the microwave & then scooping out the insides and covering it with a great Balsamic marinara sauce (he even added a few slices of that Trader Joes bacon to the sauce for flavor!) It was hot, delicious & filling. AND- 1 cup of squash has 42 calories!! And sauce comes in at about 60 calories a serving, so if you are craving a big portion- this one's ok to double up on!

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