Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Sugar Blues

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I know you are all deprived! :) My excuse? Well... I have been in a SLUMP. A slightly expected one with the holidays, and parties and all, but STILL. It's more a case of "if you don't have anything good (or positive or motivating) to say you shouldn't say anything at all".
Even as I'm writing this, I'm thinking about the box of chocolates that's sitting in the office kitchen. Here's the thing. It's not even good chocolate (I'm kind of a snob) but seriously this little box of crappy Rite Aid chocolate is calling my name so loudly I want to run in there and eat the entire box. I'm resisting for the moment...
And as I write this, my sister just called to tell me she made my favorite Christmas cookies (Russian tea cakes- those white little powder balls of deliciousness). What is a girl on a diet to do?? Hibernate till it's all over and miss all the fun??? Or eat and then feel really fat & guilty??
See... I warned you I'm not that motivating right now :)
Ok. Time to make a plan. And just maybe, if I write it down and tell you all I will actually stick to it.
-Bring Workout Clothes home with me. Yes I will obviously be eating and drinking while I'm home, but there will definitely be plenty of time for me to get in a workout or two. We've got a beautiful beach less than a mile from the house that I can run on... no excuses!
-Eat balanced meals. You know that feeling when you skip meals, but are constantly snacking on junk food throughout the day? Like salty, sweet, salty, sweet, etc and you end up with a stomach ache? (Please don't tell me I'm the only who does that...) Anyway- I think that by eating 3 normal "healthy" meals a day, I'll be less likely to snack out of control.
-Try to Remember Cabo is less than 2 months away! I was at Target at lunch today and tried on a few bathing suits. I was NOT happy with what I saw... and realized I have a WAYS to go before I'm ready for that trip... so when I'm tempted to eat a box of chocolate, a pile of cookies, a tray of brie & cheese... I will picture that bathing suit body and TRY to stop myself.

I'm feeling a little better. It's good to talk about it and to "fess up" to the little rut I've gotten into. If I don't blog again before the big day MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Don't let food take over the holiday. Remember, it's all about the presents! Kidding, kidding!
PS. HAPPY Early Birthday to Brooke & Jules. Live & Laugh. We have a very FUN few days ahead!!!
PPS. I still have not eaten the chocolate in the kitchen. Woohooo!

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