Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Motivation Returns...

In the form of a February bathing suit. Yes- on February 12th, right in the MIDDLE of winter Chris and I and two other couples are heading to Cabo for a long weekend! I'm really excited about the trip- it's a great group of people and I'm sure we'll have a blast. BUT the idea of wearing a bikini in public & in February is a huge incentive for me to step up my diet & working out. Every time I'd rather sit on the couch with a glass of wine I'm going to think about the trip and find the strength to get off my butt and get to bootcamp.
Last night I had a minor slip up- As I was driving home it was POURING rain and I really wanted hot chocolate (especially since I'd blogged about it earlier that day) so I stopped at Vons to grab some. I did find the hot chocolate and a few other needed items and then... as I was at the self checkout- something bad happened. I grabbed one of those giant Reeses peanut butter cups and put it in my cart! I don't really have any idea WHY I did that- luckily Chris came home shortly after I did and I confessed to him of having bought it in a moment of impulse. We decided throwing it away was probably the best decision :) I have lots of weaknesses when it comes to eating well but checkstand candy is not usually one of them!
Not that I'm saying that one Reeses cup is the downfall of a diet, BUT it was 200 calories of sugar & fat that I didn't need. Or even want that much- once I got it home. It just shows me even when I'm "being good" or feeling like I'm on track I still need to keep my guard up even if only to protect myself from my own impulses.
The rest of the night went pretty well, Chris & I had a great dinner last night of Mexican burritos, which were warm & filling. I took ground turkey & mixed it with chopped bell pepper & mexican seasonings (I would have added onion, but we were out). We heated up some fat free refried beans, grabbed some lettuce, salsa, shredded low fat cheese & greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). We combined all of that into great 100 calorie tortillas for a low fat, healthy dinner. Yum. I did have 2 cups of hot chocolate- but at 80 calories each they were well worth it. We also watched Food Inc- which I will blog about later this week, I'm still digesting it... Overall impression, not as bad as I had feared in terms of the gross-out factor, but definitely some disturbing stuff.
Back to bootcamp tonight!

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