Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Food Journal,

How I have not missed you. Not even for one second. In fact, I was grateful when you were not there Saturday night as I enjoyed ridiculous rock shrimp tempura sushi and short ribs at Katsuya or to see me eat delicious Pizza Port margarita pizza when I was fighting a hangover on Sunday. And the pot roast last night? I barely even glanced at the nutrition label. In fact, we haven’t spent any quality time together (half days don’t count) since before Cabo. You are even starting to gather dust on my nightstand.

But this morning I woke up knowing that I may not like you- but I need you. You help keep my pants fitting and my snacking in check. So welcome back. Once again you will be my silent witness and constant companion and I will write EVERYTHING down no matter how bad, small of a bite- anything and everything that crosses my lips.

XOXO Sincerely,

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