Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flat Belly Foods!

With my Cabo trip LITERALLY 10 days away today I'm talking "flat belly foods" because this way- if I am strangely unable to lose 10 pounds in the next 10 days, a flatter stomach will help me deal with putting on a bathing suit in the dead of winter!
So I've researched the topic and come to a few conclusions and found some good product recommendations.
-Overall, stay clear of carbs for a flat stomach.
-Drink lots of water!
-Cut out sodium, it "puffs" you up.
-Caffeine is ok! It speeds up your metabolism (16% higher than people who drink decaf)
-Lean proteins are a good choice. Pork is just as good for you (if not better than chicken)
-Eggs are a superfood.  People who eat eggs for breakfast (vs carbs) lose more weight and feel fuller during the day. I've even had omelets for dinner!
-Nuts.  Nuts were on EVERY list that I read for flat stomach foods.  I personally have a problem setting limits with nuts, so I need to eat them sparingly!
What to skip? Anything fried, sugar, white flour based products, alcohol, soda (even diet) and red meat.

Chris is going to Miami for work tomorrow through Sunday, the poor guy... (do you sense my sarcasm?) Anyway, I'm going to devote those days to really buckling down on my eating and sticking to veggies, lean proteins and all the healthy foods on the list above. THEN... on Saturday I am going bathing suit shopping. Yikes...  Wish me luck!

PS. Final season of Lost premiers tonight!! 2 whole hours... I can't wait! Sorry. I get that's not food related, I'm so excited!! :)

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