Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fun, The Sun, and the FOOD!

Coming back from an amazing vacation is REALLY hard to do. I think I'm having a FUN hangover. The realization that lying in the sun all day laughing, eating and drinking to my heart's content must be replaced with work catch-up, eating well and working out is quite a shock to the system.  Chris and I have been discussing (with increasing frequency) that we feel our real talents lie in our ability to relax, have big fun and do vacations right. Now we simply need to find a way to make that skill profitable! While we work on that...  I'll share my Cabo trip from a food point of view! Quite a story to tell!

As soon as we arrived, we headed straight for The Office, practially a Mexican Restaurant institution.  FRESH fish served right on the Beach under bright blue umbrellas.  Toes in the sand, buckets of beer on the table... we actually ate here 3 times during the trip! I had fish and lobster tacos, shrimp enchiladas another and  butterflied grilled shrimp. WOW. They bring you a platter out of the fresh catch's of the day and you pick what you want. The scene and the food can't be beat.
First night was sushi at Nikki Beach restaurant at the ME Hotel which was a couple of doors down (or a walk on the beach) from Casa Dorado where we were staying. The fish was fresh and the presentation was fantastic. However- maybe I'm just lucky to live at the beach full time, but I've had better sushi.
Saturday night dinner was at Mi Casa right in the heart of Cabo.  Chris and I ordered the Mexican Sampler and I only WISH I could remember everything it came with. I know we started with a delicious Mexican soup (with hunks of fresh mozzarella) El Mole Poblano, Chili Reino, carnitas, and more with a finale of Tres Leches Cake which was a big hit with the whole table. This place was amazing with an open air rooftop & live entertainment. Tiburon Tiburon!

Lots of Poolside meals- see Chicken tacos.  Yes I ate those while in my swim suit. It's amazing how comfortable you can feel in a bathing suit when you've had 4 margaritas by noon. (2 for 1! What are you going to do??)
Valentine's Day Dinner was at one of the most romantic places I've ever been to. The place was called Edith's Restorante and it was lit lanterns and filled with waterfalls and greenery. We had our dinner in a private wine room that looked straight out of a movie. I had the steak fajitas, which was literally a New York steak fire grilled to perfection then sliced and served with fresh tortillas, guacamole and all the fixings.  Chris had the lobster which was probably the best lobster I've had in my life. Dessert was a Mexican tequila coffee and banana's foster, both prepared en fuego (on fire :) tableside.

Final night dinner was at a restaurant appropriately titled "No Worries" down on the Cabo Harbor.  We ordered the lobster and shrimp bucket for the table and this monstrosity of lobster halves  huge shrimp arrived! SO good.
As for working out... well, not so much. But if you count Ziplining (actually a MAJOR hike and a half!) and Jet Skis, oh and lots of dancing- then I'll just call it even.  Not weighing myself for at least a week. Tomorrow I'll blog about lent and how I plan to get back to healthy eating, but for now I'm just going to enjoy my memories and try  to figure out how to get back!
PS The pic below is Chris and I on "Lovers Beach" on Valentine's Day... we were the only people on the beach and took it ourselves with our camera propped on a rock.  My favorite :)

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