Monday, August 23, 2010

Trader Joe's is my Happy Place

I shop at Trader Joe's when I feel like browsing, cooking, shopping, de-stressing, being inspired, really all the time. And if you've read my blog, you'll know I am constantly talking about the great products TJs features. The only drawback that I've been able to find is sometimes when I'm cooking from a recipe I'm not able to find all the needed ingredients at TJs and have to make an additional stop at a traditional grocery store. So today- when I got an email from a great website, that they were publishing a book full or TJs recipes & creations- with 100% Trader Joe's products, I was thrilled! And amazingly this "Unofficial Guide To Trader Joe's" is only $5.95 with free shipping! (if you use the promo code TRADERJOESFAN- at check out you'll get an additional $1 off). 

Their email stated "We took the collective knowledge and votes of thousands of shoppers and employees to select over 100 of the very best Trader Joe's products and paired them with 50 easy, delicious recipes to create a beautiful, glossy pocket guide and cookbook for Trader Joe's shoppers." UM YUM.  The book also includes fun things like the Best Cheeses list, Kid Friendly foods, Most Addictive Cookies (I don't need that one!) and more. I bought my copy immediately and am counting down till it arrives.
I'll write a review soon.  I think it's also a great potential holiday gift (it's never too early to start shopping) for any Trader Joe's lovers in your life!

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