Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I did something last night I would tell my friends NEVER to do...

I bought a dress that's too small. I don't need to lose 20 lbs to wear it- but it won't look great until I'm at least 5-10 pounds lighter. It was love at first sight. It's a classic LBD with delicate detailing and cut and gorgeous fabric. And it fits- it's just too tight in the hips/butt area. I'm making it my my official goal dress.  AND...  I'm going to post a picture of myself wearing it on the blog by New Years Eve.  Ok. Now that I've typed it- it's official. 
So... considering this is the holiday season of indulgence in food, drinks and excess... how exactly do I plan to do this?
Get My Buff Arms Back.  Once upon a time I used to flex excitedly and make Chris feel my arms after a workout.  Now, I flex and nothing happens... back to Bar Method for me.  Never EVER have I had anything firm up my arms (and rest of body) as much as that workout.  It's an expensive commitment to make, especially during this gifting season- but I'm considering it my gift to myself this year!
Plan Ahead.  For me- the number one thing that determines if I'm eating right or not is how much planning I've done in advance.  If I don't have healthy snack/meal options on hand it's SO much easier and tempting to just stop for takeout on the way home or grab a pack of peanut m&ms to get through the afternoon.  I am going to do a major TJs run and get all my healthy "necessities" and at least 4 healthy meals for the week.
Don't Give in To Stuff I Don't Love. During the holidays sugar is everywhere! Cookies, candy, fudge, cakes- it's all tempting.  But when it comes to desserts- I know what I like.  For this holiday season, I'm NOT going to eat sugary stuff just because it's there.  I'll allow myself a few of my holiday favorites (Russian tea cake cookies- I have not forgotten you) but I'm not going to eat things like gingersnaps, or pecan pie just because they are in front of me.
That's my plan so far.  No crazy diet- just mindful eating and working out.  It always works- it just takes commitment to stick to it. I think having a reason or goal to help you "be good" during this holiday season is important.  Does anyone else have any good holiday diet tips? Am I crazy for buying the dress?

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