Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stress Eating=More Stress!

My post today is inspired by a text Julia sent me this morning... "I have been reading Jessica's (our bootcamp trainer) blog and getting inspired. It is tiding me over til my favorite blog starts back up again... " and I wrote back "Well your favorite blogger is sucking at eating healthy right now!" but- I guess in the sense of this blog reflecting my reality with food, I should probably be sharing the downs as well as the ups.

So let's see... Here's my honest update: I'm really struggling lately with eating well. I haven't weighed myself in about a month because I am scared. I am going to Bar Method 4 times a week and LOVING it which I feel like is the one good thing keeping me in check. My clothes fit, but I feel like they don't look as good as they could. I have been eating frozen yogurt like a crazy person. I am running a 10k race this weekend which I'm not prepared for.

Hmmm... see- now my blog is not so inspirational!! But it is the truth. My thought is that writing it down and sharing it is going to motivate me to make some changes. Change for today is STOPPING stress eating. Lately when I've got a lot going on or am feeling overwhelmed, I find myself reaching for food. I start justifying things like since I'm having such a rough day, it's OK to have pizza (or burger, or mexican) for lunch. Like I somehow deserve it.  BUT, what I need to keep in mind is that the guilt caused by unhealthy eating also causes stress in my life. And resulting weight gain is major stress.  As if those aren't enough reasons to avoid the junk food, the sugar and carb late afternoon crashes that come with eating crap for lunch probably leave me less equipped to deal with stress than I started off.

So- how am I going to avoid this lunchtime lapse? Two things.  Try to stress less... and plan ahead.  If I am bringing my lunch to work every day, I won't have to go out and get it which will help me avoid temptation. And I'm going to take Reilly out for a walk or do some Bar Stretches (office door closed of course) if I start feeling overwhelmed. Ok that's the plan for today.  Deep breath in... and out. And wish me luck!

PS. Do you like my Zen photos? That's what I'm going for :)
PPS.A few of my favorite blogs- to keep you inspired!
http://www.getfit2wed.blogspot.com/ (Blog from my Bootcamp trainer- Jessica has AMAZING healthy eating ideas and product recommendations)
http://blog.barmethod.com/ (Blog from the founder of Bar Method- Burr Leonard. If you are taking the class- or want to learn more about it, this blog has great tips)
http://www.katheats.com/ (Kath Eats Real Food- for the food side of healthy eating, this site is fascinating. Kath eats only "whole foods" and documents her entire day of eating (every day!) with photos & recipes.

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