Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner Table Magic

I just read this blog and fell in love with it.
People are often surprised to hear I like to cook and I've had friends shake their heads in disbelief that I'd actually enjoy spending hours on a recipe, but for me so much of the pleasure comes from the environment and experience that is created through cooking. Reading this author's post really struck a cord in me and I wanted to share it.

Highlights from her blog:
I cannot imagine not sharing my kitchen, my cooking, the experience of eating, the joy of a lazy evening, with the people that are dear to me. Not one single person could go missing without drastically altering the fabric of my life; especially my husband. To me, the table is such a sacramental place. How enormously blessed am I that I don’t have to sit at it alone?
One of the most memorable (albeit simple) moments of my life was a time when Jon and I had just finished a delightful, weeknight meal; our home smelled delicious, candles were lit, music drifted through the house and my belly was full. I specifically remember that my feet were stretched out and resting on the empty chair that sits across from me at our table, glass in hand, mind at rest. I was struck, at that moment, with the sheer joy of being exactly where I was. (A very rare moment for me and my chaotic mind!)

She says it all so much better than I ever could. But truly, food and cooking isn't only about what you eat. It's the environment you create and the ability to share and experience that with others. Many of the favorite memories of my own life have been strikingly similar, revolving around a dinner table filled with food, friends, conversation and laughter at the end of a day.
Thank you to all the friends, family and loved ones that I've ever been fortunate enough to share a table with.  Cheers to more dinners ahead!

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