Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Workout Plan

Good news and bad news.  Bad news was- the BluePrint cleanse sale on Gilt was kind of a bust, you had to buy a pack of 3 cleanses to get the deal and at $600+ it wasn't really in my price range! I'm considering just buying one directly off their website (hate not getting deals though!) I'll keep you posted...
Good news is- I ran my first 10k on Saturday! It was amazing! My only goal for myself was to run the entire time, and I did. I completed the race in 1:06:41 (yes that's OVER an hour of running) my pace was 10:49 per mile, which obviously isn't record setting, but I felt VERY accomplished when I crossed the finish line.  Did I mention completing a 10k was one of my New Years resolutions?? Check! Next up is a 5k trail run in Temecula in May.  Chris and I did this one last year and decided it's quite possibly the most challenging 5k in the world.  The race is in a vineyard up and down through the grapes, literally UP and DOWN hills in dirt and sand. The best part of that race is a day of wine tasting after- so I'm looking forward to that!
Since I'm on the topic of running today- I thought I'd share my upcoming workout schedule which I just figured out last night.  My 45 day trial of Bar Method ended yesterday and I've decided to renew it. (I went 20 times in 45 days- obviously I like it!)  I feel STRONG, but I think I need to incorporate more running in to make sure I'm getting enough cardio. With daylight savings (my favorite thing EVER) I can actually come home and run after work now.  My new plan is this:
  • Monday: Bar After Work
  • Tuesday: Run After Work
  • Wednesday: Bar during Lunch
  • Thursday: Run After Work
  • Friday: Bar Optional
  • Saturday: Bar/Run Optional
  • Sunday: Bar in the morning.
That way I'm strength training 3-5 days a week and running a minimum of 2 days. The thing with Bar is, I actually enjoy going so it doesn't feel overwhelming to think about doing it 5 days a week. I come out tired from the workout, but mentally refreshed. It really helps me transition from workday stress into a relaxed evening. Thoughts? Input? Is anyone doing a workout they are really loving?
Ps- Isn't it funny how it's called Bar?  I'll text Chris, "Rough day at work, leaving now heading straight to Bar" and then laugh at myself because I totally sound like I have a drinking problem!
PPS. There's a new addition to my family!! Kurd has become a proud mother of Mochi, the cutest little Boston Terrier EVER. 


  1. Hi Chelsea - I was introduced to your blog through Bar Method LA's post on their Facebook wall -- I am also a Bar Method addict (for over a year now) and like Boot Camp for you, it inspired me to change my life, for the healthier. I'm stoked to read about your food choices because it's nice to get healthy meal ideas from others. Congrats on your first 10K! I ran my first one in June '09 and am contemplating a half marathon. Just wanted to stop by and say hi because I totally relate!

  2. Hi Jenn! So glad you like the blog, I have so much fun writing it. Isn't Bar amazing? I can't stop telling people about it, it seriously is an addiction! Good luck with the half marathon- keep me posted!