Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miss Me?

Where to start? First by apologizing for how LONG it’s been since I blogged, obviously you were all dying of anticipation. Second- to tell you that unlike Brooke’s prediction for why I wasn’t blogging “Oh I thought you probably just got fat and didn’t want to talk about it” (thanks for the support B) I’ve actually just had a really busy past month and as I was struggling to find time to exercise and eat decently- well, writing about it kind of became last priority.

Or maybe I just didn’t want to confess my addiction to Easter Candy :)

But today I’ve got a topic I wanted to share- Chris and I are headed to Vegas this weekend and in preparation have decided to cut carbs and sugar for the next two days till we go. Obviously I’m not going to get a 6 pack in the next 48 hours, but sometimes even just feeling a little bit thinner or having a slightly flatter stomach can make you feel a lot better in a bathing suit (weather forecast says it’s going to be 80 degrees!). Funny though because I realized how HARD it is, without proper preparation to cut carbs from your diet! This morning I woke up and had a hard boiled egg for breakfast (thank you Easter Bunny) and tried to pack some things for lunch but the only thing I was able to grab was a string cheese. Think I’ll be heading out to find a salad today! Anyway it inspired me to find a list of foods that had I been a little more prepared would have been helped me stock my fridge for a carb free week.
I decided to go the South Beach Diet way, as compared to Adkins because my brain just refuses to accept I’d do my body any bit of good by eating bacon, eggs, and cheese for the next two days (although it kind of sounds fun to try!) South Beach Diet is more of a moderate low carb diet that isn't as high fat and more "good carb" friendly. However, their phase one which I decided to loosely replicate, is pretty strict and what they have you stick to in the beginning of the diet to jumpstart weight loss.
It recommends VEGGIES, lean proteins, light cheese & dairy products and a limited amount of nuts. No carbs, fruit, sugar. See here for a phase one shopping list:
If you are looking to jump start your weight loss, or get back on track, put down the bread basket and take a week or two to clean up and simplify your eating habits.
I’ll let you know how it works for me- although I’m pretty sure the Vegas weekend will quickly undo any forward progress- but I’ll plan to go back on this eating plan for a few days when I get back.
Missed blogging! Fun to be back and promise to try to be better!

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