Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Much to say! I did manage to survive an AMAZING Vegas trip with the girls. Long story short- cancelled flight/crazy rain = equally crazy 6hr drive to Vegas! You can't say we're not committed to a good time!
THE weekend, as expected, was filled with excessive eating and drinking. In fact, we spent 5 hours at the Bellagio buffet drinking endless mimosas and snacking on omelets, pizza, sushi, really anything our inner fat girls desired :) Not a proud moment (blog wise) but one I wouldn't trade for anything.  I'm sure all the laughing and dancing we did over the weekend totally worked it all off. I've heard dancing on tables burns 2x the calories but that could just be a rumor... :)
The return to reality was a rough one this week, I had two days of lengthy meetings on Monday and Tuesday.  I was so proud of myself Monday because despite the meeting and a work dinner at a Mexican food restaurant I managed to stay in my calories (1320 for the day) and not eat a single chip at dinner (HUGE accomplishment).  Yesterday was a different story.  Meeting started at 8am and when I walked in and saw bowls of candy and snack bags of chips on the tables I knew I was in trouble.  But I stayed strong until afternoon, had a relatively light lunch but upon the realization around 2pm that we were going to be there for the rest of our lives, I caved and ate a ton of junk. Literally didn't finish until 9 and I went home with quite a stomachache. 
So now the week is halfway over and I'm feeling halfway back to normal.  Goal for today is to do some grocery shopping so I can be well stocked on healthy options (SUCH a key to success with eating well- I can't say it enough!!). I'm also going to try and fit in a run because my 10k is only about 6 weeks away! Yikes!
PS. Linds- I know I owe you a snacking/late night eating tips blog- check back tomorrow.  Have you read this post? Snackity Snack Snacks It has some food suggestions that may tide you over.

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