Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top 5 New Favorites

It's finally Thursday! Yay! I'm feeling a little uninspired on blog ideas today (Brooke has requested one on cleansing/colonics/etc, it's in the works...) But I thought I'd share a few of my "greatest hits" from the week. New foods, recipes, workouts, etc that I liked!
#5 Sprints.  Ok- so I'm not going to lie and tell you I actually ENJOYED sprinting at the track, but I am still sore- so I know it did something! Not only are my legs sore- but I can tell it really engaged my core becuase my abs felt like I'd done 500 sit ups. We ran the straightaways at the track- so walk 100 yards, sprint 100 yards, etc.  And we are talking a full out sprint- where you feel like your lungs are going to burst. After a mile of those I was done! Bootcamp tip: to increase speed, lift your knees & don't be afraid to use your arms.
#4 OMG Lemon BBQ Chicken.  Chris & I have lemons growing in our yard and they are amazing! We have been using them in everything- inlcluding creating a lemon chicken.  We bought organic free range chicken breasts with the skin still on and then stuffed lemon slices between the breast & the skin and put them on the BBQ.  They came out beautifully (see picture) & tasted so good!
#3 Homemade Chicken Soup.  This is a carry over from the BBQ chicken above- but it was so good (and easy) I had to give it it's own! I put a leftover chicken breast in a pot of half water, half chicken broth, just deep enough to cover the breast.  I added a pre chopped veggie mix from Trader Joes (thanks Jess!) of onions, celery & carrots and then salt & pepper.  I let it simmer for a few hours then removed the chicken breast, shredded the meat which was basically falling off the bone & then put it back in the soup! So good- and only 150 calories per serving!
#2 Acorn Squash! Chris found one at the grocery store and decided to get creative.  He followed this recipe from the Mayo Clinic which has only 140 calories per serving and is a delicious blend of pine nuts, garlic & olive oil flavoring.  Definitely a close runner up to my favorite dish of the week.
And number one new discovery of the week goes to.......
#1 Artic Zero Ice Cream.  Wow.  This ice cream is all natural AND has only 35 calories in a half cup!!! Compare that to about 150 calories in half a cup of typical light ice cream.  Artic Zero is made out of whey protein and has 0 fat, is low in sugar, lactose free, and it tastes GREAT!  It's a little different from regular ice cream, but SO much better for you than even frozen yogurt! Check out their website- we bought it at Henrys but it has a list of places where it is available. 

Give one or all five of these a try- I promise you won't be disapointed! Did any of you try something new this week? Or just have a healthy staple you couldn't live without??
Let me know!

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