Monday, January 11, 2010

Week in Review & Supplements (again!)

And it's Monday... Weigh in today was +3 pounds from last week. Not ok. I'm hoping that's just a little bit of my body's natural fluctuation... but still pretty frustrating. I sat down with my food and exercise journal to figure out what happened...
Exercise. I like to start with the positive :). I went to bootcamp once (75 min of crazy intensity), ran a 5k, went for a 6 mile bike ride & did sprints at the track one day. So that's 4 days of exercise, which I feel pretty good about.
Food. Now that I making an effort to journal more often (6 days a week per my New Years resolution) it means writing down the good, bad & ugly. This week I would classify as mostly bad with a little bit of good & ugly on the side. Monday and Tuesday I met my calorie goals (in the 1400 range) but Wed-Thurs were 2,000+ and both weekend days ran about 2,000. The good news is that it's in black and white- so I know what I can correct this week to do better.
A common thread on my high calorie days was eating out. I either ate out or had take out 3 nights this past week and that really hurt my calorie counts. Making good decisions and healthy substitutions can do a lot- but in general restaurant food is really high in calories. My plan for this week is to try to cook at home, skip wine with dinner & eat dessert ONLY if I can fit it in my calories. (Normally I would say cut dessert all together but I made this amazing berry cobbler and still have leftovers at home... going to try to fit in my calories tonight!)
So yes, I suppose I can see where the weight came from. It's all about the math after all- more calories in then out= weight gain!  Going to try and get on the other side of that equation this week!

I also added a few supplements to my diet this past week- after a nutritional seminar in bootcamp, I Blogged about the 5 supplements that the nutritionist considered essential for everyone and I've decided to introduce a few to my diet. I'm drinking a Greens powder every morning- which according to the nutritionist may help: Boost Energy, Promote a Healthy Heart, Improve Digestion, Boost the Immune System, Alkalize and Balance pH, Support Normal Blood Sugar, Fight Aging (like botox??), Promote Normal Cholesterol, and assist in weight management. I HATE the taste of it, and it's 50 calories a serving, but I'm going to give it a trial run for a month & then see how I feel.
I'm also taking a molecularly distilled fish oil supplement which is supposed to regulate swelling & inflammation of the body which is great especially when you are working out. It also helps with cardiovascular health & blood sugar balance.
So... we shall see! To get all 5 the nutritionist recommended I still need to add digestive enzymes, probiotics & a calcium/magnesium supplement but I thought I'd start with two and then add from there- so hopefully I can see how each affects my body.
Here's to a good (and healthy) week! It's crunch time for me, Vegas is coming up (where no calories count- obviously)  and a month from now it'll be bathing suit season for me in Cabo! I am SO excited about both trips, but I want to go into them knowing I have a little wiggle room to enjoy myself!
P.S. I am a little upset... I have been having a slight Subway addiction lately & been feeling ok about it- but when I dug a little deeper into their nutritional facts- a 6 inch sub with no cheese or mayo, just the veggies and meat has close to 50% of your daily needed sodium! Not a total deal breaker, but it does mean I shouldn't be eating them daily...
PPS. If you are interested in supplements but not sure how to choose one- check out Christa's website, the nutritionist who spoke at our boot camp for some good product reviews.

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