Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Do It (Thanks Nike...)

I think I had an athlete breakthrough last night. After confessing yesterday about Monday's night in with pasta & red wine, I felt like I couldn't be an indoor sloth any longer. So yesterday evening the clouds had lifted a little and the rain had stopped so Chris & I decided to go for a run. About a mile into the planned 4 mile run, the sprinkling started.  As we got down to our usual running path by the bay we found it completely flooded in spots, so we were running in and around huge puddles of muddy grass when the downpour hit. It DUMPED rain on us.  We both looked at each other and kind of started laughing (challenging when out of breath) and decided to keep going.  Literally with water squishing in my shoes and freezing rainy winds in our faces we finished the entire 4 miles and both felt like it was one of the best runs we'd had in a while! Why do I consider that an athlete breakthrough? Because rain is a pretty good excuse to quit! And I feel like I've reached a point in my workout mentality (possibly for the first time in my life) where I'm not looking for excuses to quit or take a break. 
Michael Jordan said: "Obstacles don't have to stop you.  If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."
Imagine applying that principle to your daily life. We as a culture, community, down to each individual make hundreds of excuses every single day with reasons of why we don't have time, commitment, energy or focus to eat right, workout and change our bad habits...  Imagine how life changing it could be to stop making excuses and start taking action.  (And did I mention how good you'd look? Just a side effect :)


  1. Love it! My latest excuse has been "I can't breathe" mostly because well, I can't! This whole altitude, thin air, lack of oxygen thing in Denver is super annoying (I almost passed out at 24Hour yesterday), but if you are sloshing along in the rain, I'll keep huffing and puffing!

  2. LOL Linds! Lack of air would be a problem... I can't really come up with a solution for that! Keep working out and then when you come visit you can show off your strong lungs and kick our butts!