Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carb Watch- Day 2

Chris and I survived Day 1, Carb Free! 24 hours down, 24 to go till Vegas! We both faced temptations yesterday- his in the form of fresh baked cookies sitting all afternoon directly across from his office.

Yes this is literally a picture he sent me of the cookies :)

Temptation for me came in the form of Easter chocolate & candy still hanging around the office kitchen. And a moment of weakness last night when I asked him “Are you SURE wine has carbs in it?” Apparently it does.
BUT- we stayed strong and had a healthy dinner of stir fry veggies and grilled chicken with a teriyaki sauce. I did go to bed a little hungry- but woke up with my stomach feeling a tiny (visible only to me) bit flatter.
I did a quick trip to Trader Joe’s last night to pick up dinner/food till we leave.
Here’s my TJs Carb Free Shopping List:
* Bell Peppers (had these chopped up this a.m. in a egg white scramble… yum! Also a good salad topper)
* Vegetable Mélange (this is a frozen veggie mix is a butter-ish sauce- it’s DELICIOUS and filling when you want something warm plus- carb free!)
* Cucumbers
* Pre Cut Stir Fry Fresh Veggies (put these and chicken in the Wok last night for dinner)
* Bagged Romaine and Baby spinach
* BBQ pulled chicken (this stuff is SO good- LOVE it on sandwiches but for this week, I’m using it as a salad topper. 130 calories for a good sizes serving. It’s in the pre-made section)
* Chicken Breast Tenders
* Beef Jerky (great snack)
* Light String Cheese (60 cals a piece)
* Pre Shelled Edamame
* Spicy Egg White Salad- Ranchero flavor. (eat by the spoonful or make a lettuce wrap!)
* Pear Champagne Salad dressing (45 cals for 2tbs and it has yummy Gorgonzola in it!)
* Sparkling Water (to distract me from not drinking wine with dinner. It didn’t really work)
But really- it's all to prepare for an amazing weekend of eating and drinking. I may try to eat well &count my calories when I need to, but at heart I'm truly a food lover & wannabe gourmet! We have reservations at Olive's at the Bellagio for Friday night (before we go see "O" Circque De Soleil which I'm really excited about!) and Beso for Saturday night. FOOD overload. I can just taste that bread basket now :)


  1. Thank goodness for TJs to help you out as you go carb free. I have to try that salad dressing, it sounds delicious. Your Vegas weekend sounds like it will be worth the sacrifice. I hope you have a blast!

  2. The dressing has been tested- and I love it! I seriously couldn't live without TJs... don't really remember what I did without it!