Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Explore. Indulge. Enjoy.

Words of advice Chris and I received during our Vegas weekend, and I can tell you- we absolutely did! From start to finish the weekend was over the top excess and a whole lot of fun. I’ll stick to the food related details…
Friday night we had dinner at Tod English’s Olives at the Bellagio.  They have a TINY patio that you can’t make reservations for which overlooks the lake and amazing fountain show. Definitely worth the wait, we had an incredible view and the food was outstanding. I had seared scallops and Chris had a double cut pork chop. The blue cheese stuffed Olives (as the restaurant is named for) in my Dirty Martini really hit the spot...and with the fountains and music in the background, I felt like I was in a grown up fairy tale! 
The food was so good we went back the following day for wine and an appetizer- the beef carpaccio, which competes for one of the best things I had all weekend.  
Dinner Saturday night was Beso, which is Eva Longoria’s restaurant at the new Aria/City Center.  We obviously had to try “Eva’s Guac” although I’m not sure I really believe she eats or makes it… I had shortribs and Chris went for seared ahi, both of which were delicious and HUGE portions.  Neither of us finished ours.  Highlight of that meal was actually a BLT salad (brilliant idea!) with whole strips of the best bacon I’ve ever eaten in my life on top. I am a bacon addict- so my opinion might be a little biased- but I’d classify that as a can’t miss.
 Ok- indulging time is over.  I’ve had a few relaxed weeks of eating and a weekend of ridiculousness and it's time to get back on track. (I almost bit Chris's head off last week when he dried a pair of my jeans because I was afraid they wouldn't fit if they shrank... not a good sign) Back to the dreaded calorie counting and food journaling. Plan for this week is before I put food in my mouth- THINK about it. Is it worth eating? I don’t want to waste calories on crap food. I’d rather save my indulgences for quality and appreciate it rather than falling into a routine of eating junk, which is so easy to do!
I read an article about Cindy Crawford (who at 44 looks 100x better than I did at 24) and she was saying that the key to her success was eating 80% good 80% of the time.  I like that attitude. I'm going to channel Cindy this week and make good choices.  


  1. Market in Del Mar has a BLT salad on the menu sometimes and it is delicious! I am glad you had such a great time. Were you celebrating anything?

  2. I want to try the one at Market! I've never eaten there- but it's on my list now! We were there partially because I had a work event but we were celebrating our second anniversary :) Very fun!