Friday, April 30, 2010

A Peek In My Food Journal

I've reached day 5 of eating well, and so far the week has been a success! I've stayed in my calories every day, except yesterday when I went over by 30.  Not going to beat myself up about that, especially because I managed to fit in a much needed glass of wine :).  Chris and I saw Conan live last night, which was hilarious- but a comedy show could be a little rough 100% sober!
I thought I'd share a sample of what a typical day looks like for me, eating around or under 1300 calories. I basically try to live by two major mantras:
-Never feel starving! Once I hit that point, I'll eat anything and everything in my path.  As you'll see in my daily eating, I eat little meals/snacks frequently so I never get to that point.
-Try to eat the good stuff.  I'm not going to be healthy if I eat 4 snickers bars a day and still stay under my calories.  I try to eat fresh, organic, lean, whole foods.  You'd be surprised at how much MORE you can eat if you are eating healthy items, also a good hunger preventer.
7:30am: Steel Cut Trader Joes Oatmeal 150cal
Greens Juice 20 cal (This is SO good for you.  I also buy this at Trader Joes.  It doesn't taste the best but I buy the kind with only veggie juice to keep the calories low)
9am: Coffemade coffee creamer. 30 cal.  (Yes, eventually someday I will give this stuff up... but not today!)
10:30am: Vans brand frozen blueberry waffle. 110 cal.
12:45pm: Quinoa & Chicken mango salad. 240 cal. (Pre-made, from TJ's and that includes dressing!)
3pm: Nonfat Greek Yogurt. 110 cal. And 1/3 cup low fat berry granola. 70 cal. (This keeps me full and satisfies my afternoon sweet tooth)
5pm: Light String Cheese. 60 cal. (Pre-workout to give me a boost so I'm not going to bootcamp starving).
8pm: Flavorful low calorie applesauce pork chop. Check out the recipe HERE. 230 calories. Julia made this for dinner and I'm definitely going to repeat it! Pork is a great lean meat and the apples in it gave such a good sweet/salty flavor combination. Delish!
5 spears asparagus. 25 cal.
Broccoli & Cauliflower. 50 cal.
9pm: A cookie. 35 cal. Yumm :)
Total calories for the day 1,135! I felt great the whole day and had plenty of energy for my workout. Challenge ahead will be being "good" this weekend.  Chris and I have a very fun black tie wedding to go to on Saturday (yay Jen & Kevin!!) and I'm going to allow myself some flexibility on my eating and drinking.  All things in moderation, but will need to stay strong on Sunday because my first weigh in is Monday morning! I'll keep you posted! Have a great weekend!

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