Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blogs I LOVE!

Since I can't blog every day (until I figure out a way to make it profitable!) I thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs. They are RANDOM and different from each other, but for the most part health/fitness/weight loss/foodie oriented. For me, reading a good blog is like a novel combined with a reality tv show. Ongoing glimpses into other peoples lives help to motivate me and make me realize that no matter what challenge I'm facing- someone else has already been through it and I can learn from their experience. The world we live in today is so interlinked in ways it never has been before- take advantage of this free resource! Below are some links and snippets from each blog so you can get an idea of what it's all about. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
http://www.priorfatgirl.com/ The name says it all- this is the story of a girl who has kept off a weight loss of nearly 100lbs and even better than that- she's funny.  She shares what she eats, workout, etc. Her before and after pic is on the right. Below she shares a story from a guest blogger, Cindy:
"I have spent a lot of my life being “the fat girl.” I honestly wish I had photos of my progression through high school and college; going from “fat girl” to “what did you do to yourself?” girl as I got even fatter. But I had excuses, right? I only had time to grab a muffin or bagel on the go. Or to get fried food for dinner because it’s “fast” and “easier” to eat while I study. I just have to have the bag of chips as I run through the student commons or I will just DIE during my next class.
You know what these are? These are EXCUSES I used to justify eating my way through college"
http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com/ Chris found this one for me- the story of an LA foodie who cooks, dines out and ENJOYS her food, while still keeping healthy. Checkout her scallops!
"I only had eyes for dates. And I only had visions of them snuggly wrapped up in bacon – like cute little edible babies in swaddling clothes."
http://www.devilandegg.com/ An entertaining personal blog by a magazine editor & photographer in New Jersey.  This one has great photos and recipes.
"Here's a picture of the cheese I talked about in yesterday's post. It was enjoyed during an impromptu cocktail party on the veranda outside my friend Stephanie's hotel room. Is there anything better than an impromptu cheese and wine party?"
http://hotblondeinthekitchen.blogspot.com Obviously- who wouldn't love a hot blond in the kitchen?? :)  She doesn't post very often (she just had her first child- see how much you learn about people??) but she's hilarious & has some great recipes, her White Bean Soup was one of my favorites!
"For those of you wondering why my posts had become less frequent during the latter part of 2009, its because I was pregnant. Besides when I had an occasional stomach flu, it was the first time in my life that food did not interest me. Fast forward to New Years Eve, when I gave birth to my beautiful son, and my appetite returned with a vengeance. No joke. To answer your question, YES I DID order take out from the Cheesecake Factory and YES I DID finish my chicken salad sandwich AND Godiva Cheesecake. The long and short of it is, that since my appetite is back, so are my posts. Now I need to work on bringing back the "hotness." These Tony Soprano sweatsuits I'm wearing have got to go."
http://getfit2wed.blogspot.com/ This is a blog written by the main trainer of my bootcamp class.  She is fairly extreme in regards to what she eats (follows the Paleo diet, no dairy or carbs) but often has great snack, recipe ideas.  A very educational read. 
"I was really excited when I saw this ad for Crystal Light with No Artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.  I was crossing my fingers to read the ingredients and find it sweetened with stevia and vegetable glycerine, but no they just used real sugar instead.
Ladies, please don't fall for this.  Clever idea and good marketing, it appears to be healthy, but really is not.  Bummer :("
http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/  Just for fun... but check out some of the crazy foods on here!
Hope you enjoy!

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