Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caving to Temptation- Confession!

Here's what happened.  It's 4pm yesterday. I'm cranky, tired and dreading bootcamp after work. I finish up a rough meeting and walk back to my office to find a Fed Ex box on my desk.  I open the box to reveal a "goodie basket" sent from a company trying to woo mine into partnership.  There in the box, cutely wrapped with a ribbon among the harmless items like a pen and notebook sits a large bag of M&Ms. Plain chocolate M&Ms. And I caved.  I tore off that ribbon poured out a handful and munched them down while I responded to emails.  10 minutes later looked up and realized I was still snacking on them. "What am I doing?? I've just ruined a good day of eating!" Trying not to panic, I took the remaining M&Ms and dumped them in the trash.  Then I dumped a half a bottle of water on top of them (just to be safe :).
I wrote them down in the food journal (even though I did NOT want to). An estimated 400 calories for my moment of weakness. Then I went to bootcamp and worked them off through sprints and squats. (side note- I don't recommend M&Ms as a pre-workout snack, when you feel like they could come back up at any minute- it's not pleasant).  I managed to salvage the rest of my day by eating  a low calorie dinner (egg white & chicken scramble) and going to bed early.
Lessons to be learned?
#1 Mistakes happen.  Don't beat yourself up, accept them and move on.  Make the next choice a good one. 
#2 10 minutes of M&M pleasure is NOT worth the 75 minutes of hell at bootcamp to burn them off. 
#3 Do the math.  If you're going to indulge- make sure you're using your calories wisely.  I could have had 3 glasses of wine with those calories!
I share all this with you- so you will not have to repeat my mistakes.  Or if you do- realize you're not alone! We can do this. I may have lost a battle yesterday, but there's still a war to be won.

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