Friday, May 7, 2010

Vineyard Run & More TJs Recommendations

Happy Friday!  In a few hours I'm off for a weekend of fun in Temecula! Well- not entirely fun, Chris and I are running a 5k race through the vineyards tomorrow morning bright and early, but that will make the afternoon wine tasting tour so much more deserved! It's all about balance people! :) Last year this race completely kicked my butt- it's the HARDEST 5k I've ever done.  You run actually through Vineyards between the grape vines, UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN big rolling hills.  When you reach the bottom of each hill, you run though about 50 yards of SAND that they use for irrigation, before heading back UP the hill again! Luckily I made a really good playlist for my ipod that hopefully will get me through (thank you Britney!!).
I wanted to do some quick product recommendations, because I've had a few new favorites lately and wanted to make sure I didn't forget to share. All of these are Trader Joes products... one of these days I'll write about my pics from my regular grocery store, but they just don't get me as excited as that Trader Joes!
Organic Creamy Tomato Soup and Red Pepper Tomato soup.  This stuff is ridiculously good and tastes like it was made with cream- but at only 100 calories per cup, it's a miracle food! And it's only 2.79 for a 4 serving container. Deal!
Soba Asian Noodle & Veggie Bowl, this one comes from the frozen section.  It's a single serving bowl that you heat in the microwave and with only 250 calories it's the perfect lunch food! $2.99 (less expensive than Lean Cuisine and a lot less sodium!)
Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers.  I hesitate to share these with you because I don't want to lead anyone down the scary path of addiction... which I'm currently on.  These crackers are SO good with tons of flavor.  And you can eat 30 of them (most cracker servings are 9-12) for 140 calories! I literally had to pre-divide these in serving size baggies at my house to stop me from eating them 24/7. $1.99
Latte & Cream Ice Cream Bar. As I was checking out at Trader Joe's the cashier asked me if I'd tried them yet. When I told her I hadn't, she said I was in for a treat and she was right! These little bars are only 90 calories, but what they lack in size they make up for in rich deliciousness flavor! Perfect for when you want something sweet at night that's not going to ruin the effort of a day of healthy eating. $3.49 for a box of 8.
Enjoy! Have a fun & healthy weekend.
PS. I want to do a blog soon about books (whether novel, or diet book, or ??) that motivate you to eat healthier or workout. I have a few favorites that I'm excited to share- but wanted to hear from other people too.  Do you have a book that motivates you?

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