Friday, May 14, 2010

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Good Stuff...

Finally Friday.  I've had one of those weeks where I want to eat everything in front of me.  Literally. I feel like I could eat non stop all day and not feel satisfied.  Normally, I feel like as long as I have the right foods to eat well I usually do a pretty good job of staying on track.  This week, even with a house full of healthy food- my problem wasn't what I was eating, but how much. 
I confessed to Julia on Wednesday that I had gone home for lunch and binged (and didn't write it down).  She asked what I ate- a handful of this nuts, trail mix, crackers, string cheese, etc. Her response was "That's not bad! It's not like you went to Taco Bell!"  Taco Bell or not, calories are calories and even healthy food can be calorie dense.
So what are survival tactics when you want to eat everything in sight?
  • Eat high volume low calorie food like air popped popcorn or snack on some veggies. 
  • Distract yourself.  Get out of the house, take a walk around the block, read a book, unload the dishwasher... anything to keep your hands busy. 
  • Brush your teeth.  This one really works for me- I need to work on doing it more.
  • Drink instead.  Preferably something calorie free (alcohol is not a valid substitute :)
That's all I've got... if anyone has ideas to share- let me know! I'm still struggling with this one...
Ok on a major not health related note (although I believe in rewarding yourself for progress! :)  I have found the shopping mecca.  It's called and it is amazing!! They are 40-80% of MSRP on all of my favorite brands, apparently they buy closeouts but the stuff is this season... wow! Check out purses (my weakness) or shoes! They have Steve Madden and Nine West for 50% off.  I am in trouble now. 
You're welcome :)
Have a great weekend! Bootcamp is a field trip to Coronado Beach in the morning- which sounds like a lot of SAND RUNNING... wish me luck!
PS- Which purse do you like better? White is fresher and more fun for summer, but I've had my eye on the black one for a while... and now that they are on sale...

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