Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About those travel goals....

Well I'm back from NY. Had an AMAZINGLY fun trip- but definitely fell off the fitness & health wagon....
No, I did not work out once. But in my defense- I did a TON of walking including the multiple hikes up 5 flights of stairs in Brooke's apartment, I'll tell you- it sure felt like a workout!
And eating- I made a few good choices (sharing entrees, buying healthy snacks) and a probably more bad ones (eating pizza at 3am, hot dog from a street vendor, and lots of drinking).
I woke up this morning EXHAUSTED and frusturated about my lack of self control, but determined to get right back to eating well and working out.
I have boot camp this evening and I'd be lying if I said I were looking forward to it, but I'm hoping it makes me feel better and back on track. Especially becuase- I'm running a 5k race this Sunday! Chris and I ran this same race last year and my time was 30:42. I'd like to come in under 30 minutes and would be VERY happy to be somewhere around 29min. SO- the time to have a healthy week is NOW. I'm on it.
And PS- I know I owe some recipes... they will come shortly.
Oh and one more thing- I met MR. BIG from Sex & the City in New York!!! He was just walking down the street and he totally let my girlfriends and I take a picture with him. Such a NY moment!

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