Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Egg White Scrambles... YUM

Egg white scrambles are my new favorite thing. I had one for dinner last night and again for lunch today! Last night I was planning on a chicken salad with leftover BBQ chicken but was just feeling BURNT OUT on salads- as occasionally happens. I wanted something satisfying and filling, so I created an amazing low-cal scramble. Recipe below- serves 1:
Take the following & put in a lightly greased skillet
1/4 cup chopped onion 15 calories
5 pieces asparagus chopped 25 calories
1/2 cup fresh spinach 5 calories
1/2 cup chopped chicken breast 100 calories
Grill these in the pan until the onions turn lightly brown on the edges. Then add:
6 tbs egg whites 50 calories
Scramble together till the eggs firm up and then add:
1 tbs goat cheese- 50 calories
And you have a fabulous chicken veggie scramble for 245 calories. I was completely filled and way more satisfied than I would have felt after a salad.
And there's lots of variations- I'm planning to experiment with different cheeses, veggies, meats, etc. With such a low cal base as egg whites, you can include lots of fun stuff and still have it be good for you!
Obviously you can eat this for breakfast, but one of my trainer's recommendations is eating lean proteins & veggies for dinner(and less carbs) which can be hard to do without always eating meat & salad- so this meal both fit the plan & mixed up my routine. Love it!
Check back tomorrow for the Top 5 Suppliments EVERYONE should be eating according to a nutrition seminar I attended this past weekend. To get a sneak peak, check out the nutritionist's website at www.thewholejourney.net.

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