Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Week is Totally a Valid Excuse :)

Yikes... I've gone all week without a blog! Well it has been my Birthday Week, so I'm going to use that as my excuse. I've got a few updates & a great low-cal snack reccomendation.
1. I had a no-calorie counting bday dinner last night. It was the BEST thing ever. Chris took me to Tractor Room where they are known for gigantic portions and food that I can best describe as upscale home cooking. We started with a cheese plate- that had great cheese, bread, honeycomb (random but incredible) oh it was so good with a nice glass of wine. Then we shared a bibb salad with BACON & BLUE CHEESE in it with a great roasted tomato vinagarette. Oh and it came with an entire skillet of fresh baked corn bread with honey glazed top and butter. I only had a few bites but it was to die for. For our entree we split a filet which even splitting we weren't able to finish! Red meat was pretty much the best thing ever- I had really been having cravings. As a side dish we ordered "Acorn Squash with Bacon Maple Butter" which we both agreed was probably the BEST thing either of us had ever eaten in our lives. No exaggeration! And of course the night was topped off by what our server told us was an extra large piece of dark chocolate cheesecake (just what I needed obviously!). Sharing everything was a great call and I think I satisfied a lot of cravings- so now back to healthy eating! A bday only comes once a year :)
2. Yesterday was my 6 week fitness assessment at Boot Camp & I had some great results! I cut 21 seconds off my mile time, from 8:41 to 8:20, doubled the amount of (boy) pushups I could do from 6 to 12, my wall sit time went from 1:17 to 3:04 minutes! I improved in all of the categories and it gave me a great sense of accomplishment and proof that my body is gettin stonger. Very exciting and fun on my birthday! Next Wednesday I actually get weighed & measured & body fat tested so hopefully that goes good as well!
3. My reccomendation for the week, I made this as a pre-workout snack for Julia yesterday and she loved it.
1/2 whole wheat pita toasted
1/2 serving of laughing cow lite spreadable cheese wedge
All for 100 calories! You just create a little sandwich and the cheese melts a little inside the toasted pita. The lettuce adds some volume and gives it a good crunch. You could also add a tomato slice or some turkey. It was a good pre-workout snack and took less than 5 min to pull together.
That's all I've got for now- I'm going to go have a healthy lunch with my sister to compensate a little for my dinner last night :) So worth it though!

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