Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Early Morning Workouts Make Me Hungry!

Why is it that after an early morning workout I feel like I'm STARVING all day? Nothing is satisfying or enough..
I'm trying to get through and stay in my calorie range by eating lots of low cal snacks, rather than big meals. A few I've had today:
After my workout- Egg white pita. This was GREAT and only 160 calories. Basically take a half of a Trader Joe's Pita toast it. Scramble 6 tbs egg whites (2 servings- 1 did not seem like enough) add a spoonful of salsa to the eggs. Then- 1/2 of a Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge on the inside of the pita. So satisfying and good!
100 calorie pack natural almonds (not roasted or salted) These are a new find for me- I'm not very good at portioning so I love when it's conveninently packaged. And- the protein and good fat in these seems to stick with me a little longer. I found these at Vons.
The other thing keeping me distracted from my endless hunger this morning were some funny emails from friends- here's one of my favorite reactions to the start of my blogging experience:
"I love your blog idea... I will read it! Although I'm way funnier than you! Why don't you just blog our emails back and forth to each other? Now that's something I would read. "
There you go B, now I AM blogging our emails :)
Have a great day! Oh and PS- I am still trying to figure out how to add pictures and also how to spell check prior to posting- so bear (or is it bare??) with me as I figure it out!

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  1. I love it baby! All of you followers can be confident that I will make sure you are an honest blogger...I have to apologize for eating that ice cream sandwich infront of you last night...that was not very nice.