Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast Food (It doesn't have to be evil!)

There's just not enough time in the day. I've found- even when I wake up for a 5:15am bootcamp like I did this morning (crazy!) I still don't always have the time to fit in grocery shopping or food prep needed to make a healthy meal for lunch & dinner. So... on occasion when in a crunch- I'll eat fast food. Even with the low cal options- which I'll get to below- I still know that it's not as healthy as eating REAL food- so I try to keep my fast food days to a minimum.
Lucky for me, CA just passed a law requiring any restaurant with over 10 locations to make their nutrition facts available to any customer that asks. Here are a few of my top picks:
Rubios! I am obsessed with their street tacos & pinto beans. These are GREAT and really filling with lots of protein. 100 calories each for a chicken or carnitas taco & 110 calories for a small side of beans. Also- having worked there once upon a time- I know that the ingredients really are fresh.
Chic Fil A. This is a recent discovery for me- nothing on their menu (sandwiches anyway) has over 500 calories! Yesterday I had the 8 piece chicken nugget (yes they were fried... I'm bad) for only 260 calories. I added a side salad for 50 & topped it with their wing or hot sauce which is 15 per container, for a grand total of 325 calorie lunch! They also have a grilled chicken sandwich which I'll try next time that only has 260.
Jack In the Box. I have been eating their chicken fajita pitas since college. They are SO good and with only 300 calories you don't have to feel bad about eating them! JIB also has good side salads.
McDonalds. I'm usually pretty good at eating my breakfast at home, but on the rare occasion I eat out- their Egg McMuffin is delicious and only 300 calories. Add the coffee, but skip the hashbrowns of the "combo meal" and you are good to go.
Taco Bell. The classic crunchy taco has only 180 calories. They also have a Fresco menu, which has a taco option for 150- but for only 30 calories, I'd rather have the cheese. Pintos & Cheese are another favorite of mine and good when you are craving a burrito, they have only 170 calories instead of the 350 that are in a plain bean & cheese burrito.
On a final note- I'm embarrased to admit this but in trying to keep this an honest blog (although I kind of think i've confessed enough- no one is going to believe I ever eat healthy!) last night for dinner, Chris was working late and I was too lazy to go to the grocery store. I had microwave popcorn and a wine spritzer (2 parts wine, 1 part sparkling water- it lets you feel like you are drinking more). Ok- it's out. Today will be a better day!

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