Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Blog!

This is exciting... my first blogging attempt! Shoot- now what?? I promised my friends (and only loyal readers) that it would be FUNNY, but that's apparently more challenging then you'd think. I'll work on it guys :)
I'm starting the blog as a way to share my new favorite thing- creating healthy "whole food" meals and snacks. For a little background, about 3 weeks ago I started a Boot Camp Fitness program that also encourages you to eat well (no processed - ok LESS proccessed junk) and stay within a daily calorie range. For me it's about 1250-1450 a day depending on if I'm working out. I was nervous about the challenge, but I've found so many ways and combinations to still be completely satisfied, feeling great and loosing weight.
A great trainer who is running this camp who is the source of any nutrition reccomendations I may give, I'm no expert- just a girl trying to get in shape! The point of the blog is to share what I'm learing, give great product reccomendations, healthy meal menus & ideas, fitness tips, lifestyle stuff... who knows where we go from there! Stay tuned...

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