Friday, August 21, 2009

My Boyfriend Took Away My Corn Dog Bite Last Night...

And I love him for it. :) Seriously though, it got me thinking about how important it is to have a strong support system of people in your life who are aware of your goals & truly want to see you succeed. Last night we were at a concert (actually I think it was more of a "show" we are such hipsters it's redic) and I'd had a few vodka sodas and suddenly the buffet line of corn dog bites & taquitos looked AMAZING. I piled a plate full without even thinking about it and luckily I had Chris there to take it away. I totally gave him a dirty look and he said "you'll thank me in the morning" and he's right, I did.
It can be hard to be supportive of friends who diet, I think especially for girls. Prior to Boot Camp I always prefered to eat junk food or drink with other people. It somehow makes it seem okay. But when other people aren't joining in, the guilt about eating a whole bag of chips or pint of ice cream hits you immediatly and it's harder to enjoy the guilty pleasure. BUT- what I've realized is that doing something as a group (binge eating) may be fun in the moment, but the guilt always comes eventually whether it's later that night or a week later when your pants feel tight.
SO- two lessons learned. One- Avoid the guilt completely by making good decisions and having great people around you to catch you if you slip up. And Two- Don't hate on people who diet. It's something they're doing for themselves & if it's irritating you, take a moment to consider the possibility that your annoyance may be born from the subconcious knowledge that you should probably put down that corn dog bite too.
Happy Friday!

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