Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heading to NY!

So I leave tomorrow EARLY- 7am flight to New York to go visit Brooke! Jules and I are going so it promises to be a great and much needed girls vacation! Of course I've been thinking- how am I going to mantain semi-balanced eating in the land of world famous pizza?? Not to mention I know there's going to be more than a little drinking involved...
But I also realize that I don't want to become someone whose entire life revolves around food- there are times to be conscious about what you're eating and times to relax a little bit. So my plan for the long weekend is:
-To workout at least once on the trip. I'm bringing my running shoes and plan to fit in at least one decent run.
-To eat nothing fried. You see- that doesn't really exclude everything tasty and bad for me but it will also keep me a little in check- just becuase I'm CHOOSING to indulge a little doesn't mean I'm going off the deep end. I can live without french fries. (I think)
-Finally to eat well and exercise lots before I left, which I've been doing. 3 Bootcamp days in a row! Although I'm not going to lie, I'm totally dreading my evening workout tonight- but it's worth it to be able to enjoy my trip.
Weigh-in is on Monday, although I'll probably do it Tuesday a.m. instead since we get back late -I've decided I'm going to let myself be happy with maintaining this week. There are things in life MUCH more important than what you weigh. Like having so much fun with your best friends!! So Excited!!!
Oh and PS- there may be an additional post later this evening- I've got a few great meal ideas from this past week that I'm dying to share!

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